Eunice Lim

Florence Yew

AHPC Registered

MSC in Occupational Therapy (OTR/L)
BSC in Occupational Science

I am Singaporean, who trained and worked overseas in United States. I decided to become an occupational therapist because I believe that enabling people is more important than helping them. Teaching a man how to fish is certainly more beneficial than giving the man a fish.

At first, I was unsure of working with the paediatric population. However, after a month-long clinical experience, I realized how much I enjoyed working with children. Occupational therapy in the paediatric setting looks a lot of playing, while still working on functional skills required for school and independence. It is very rewarding to see children progress and develop over the course of therapy, it is seldom just in one area, they are often more confident and happier overall!

Although I like working with children of all ages, I especially enjoy working with the older school aged children as the focus is often on executive functioning and functional life skills for independence. Activities and tasks for these skills are so varied in nature, which makes therapy both fun and challenging. In my free time, I love to travel and interact with people from different cultures. I believe there are cat people and dog people in this world, and I am a dog person.

Working at Dynamics has provided me the opportunity to work alongside with people from different countries with various styles, which allowed me to learn new techniques and ideas for therapy sessions. Also, the wide spectrum of clientele lets me hone my interpersonal skills when dealing with people/parents of different cultures.

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