Hazel Lim

Hazel Lim

AHPC Registered

Diploma in Occupational Therapy,
BSC in Occupational Therapy,

Hazel obtained her Diploma in Occupational Therapy at Nanyang Polyechnic (Singapore) and completed her Degree in Occupational Therapy at Curtin University (Australia) . She is a registered occupational therapist with AHPC and has a keen interest in working with children. Her passion was further fueled by her past placements in Paediatric settings and has ultimately led her to work at Dynamics.

She believes her mix of experience growing up in Singapore and having an overseas education provides her with unique insights to better help both local and foreign clients to further the growth of their child . She has a strong interest in autism and cerebral palsy but also believes in aiding every child to achieve their best in their environment through play and thrive in all context and not just school. She feels that for satisfactory help to her clients, a clear line of communication and professionalism must always be maintained between all those involved in improving the wellbeing of the child.

Hazel looks forward to having a partnership with not only the child but the family and work in collaboration with the team members to provide the best possible therapy approach for your child .

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