Social Skills

  1. What will my child learn in social skills training?
    A: Depending on the recommendation from the initial assessment, your child might benefit from individual or group social skills training. Your child will learn social skills that are required to interact with others through verbal or non-verbal (e.g. gestural, body language) communications with others.

    To have effective social interactions with others, some of the skills include but not limited to:

    • Joint Attention
    • Eye contact
    • Following instructions
    • Turn taking
    • Sharing
    • Understanding of emotions (self and others)
    • Emotional Regulation
    • Conflict resolution
    • Negotiation
    • Problem solving skills

  2. How will social skills be taught?
    A: The social skills training will be fun and educational. Mainly, games are used to facilitate children to learn the various social skills. Some of the strategies used include: 1) Modelling, 2) Role play and 3) Feedback. Each session will focus on a different topic and your child will have opportunity to utilise skills learnt from previous sessions. Parent(s) will be briefed after each session on child’s progress and any follow-up home programmes.

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